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Trevor Davies

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Trevor Davies

South Hams News South Hams Circle Officers

The Inauguration of the South Hams group 928 to Circle 368 took place in the presence of Grand President  and Grand Secretary on Monday the 16th March 2015 at the Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove.

There were 60 at the meeting including 17 South Hams Brothers, 42 Visiting Brothers and the Circle Chaplain Monsignor Adrian Toffolo. The meeting went extremely smoothly and, after the meeting, we met our ladies at the bar. Whilst the men were having their meeting, the ladies were entertained by a friend of President Trevor Davies.  She gave them a light hearted quiz which was enjoyed by all. 113 attended the dinner and the food and service were second to none.

Following Dinner, Brother Grand President, Bob Butler spoke about the formation of the Circle from its humble beginnings with 4 Catenians leading to the formation of a Foundation Group. Unfortunately the Chairman moved away and the Secretary died suddenly and it looked as though the idea was dead in the water. Bob, who was Director for Province 13, rang Trevor Davies, who was Provincial Membership Officer, and asked him if he would go and try to salvage the idea. Trevor became Chairman in February 2013 and by October 2013 Group 928 was Inaugurated with 14 Brothers.

By March 2014 the number of Brothers had increased to 21 with another to be enrolled in April 2015. Brother Grand President proposed a toast to the new Circle and then the Inaugural President Trevor Davies gave a short speech finishing off with a poem based on google results about every town and city of those visiting from outside of Province 13. He then proposed a toast to the Guests and ladies.

On Monday the 19th October the South Hams Circle celebrated their second birthday with their ladies. Following a meeting attended by visitors from Plymouth Circle, including Bob Butler, we had a very tasty dinner. Later, there was a draw and a few jokes from Brother Trevor Davies who was standing in for the President.

Trevor presented Brother Bob with the new South Hams Circle tie to thank him for all the support he had given them right from the start. After Dinner, Roy Beaumont, who is the Coordinator for the Plymouth Street Pastors, gave us a most interesting and informative speech about the excellent work they carry out.

One of the Visiting Brothers from Plymouth, Cesar Alarcon, is also serving as a Street Pastor in Plymouth which he joined following a talk by the previous Coordinator whilst Trevor was President of Plymouth Circle. Cesar is now a team leader. Brother Trevor then presented Roy with a cheque and the proceeds of the draw to go towards the good works of the Street Pastors.

Left to right:  Brother Bob Butler - Immediate Past Grand President, Brother Cesar Alarcon, Roy Beaumont - Street Pastor and Brother Trevor Davies.

On Monday the 21st December 2015, Brothers and their wives of South Hams Circle, along with Brother Director Vince Walsh and his wife Theresa, enjoyed a Christmas Party at the Seven Stars Public House in Kingsbridge, South Devon. Following our meeting the ladies joined us for a very tasty full Christmas meal.

The Circle gave all of the ladies a small Christmas present. We then had a draw, the proceeds going to Charity. We then had a Quiz based on religious sayings. It was similar to Catchphrase, you say what you see. As can be seen by the photo is certainly focused the mind. The Quiz was won by Vice President Ben Morby and his wife Sandra.

We then had two rounds of Irish Bingo, the last one standing won. Trevor Davies then finished the evening with some jokes to send everyone away home with a smile on their face.

On Monday the 18th January, South Hams Circle met at Kingsbridge for a bring a friend, and/or wife evening. 22 People turned up including 2 visiting Brothers and their wives and our Chaplain Monsignor Toffolo.

After the meeting we had a buffet followed by a talk by Trevor and Wendy Davies (Trevor is Secretary of South Hams) about their work in the Gambia from 1998 to 2006. They raised a good deal of money and at the request of Village elders and the Headmaster in the Village of Kartong managed to achieve to complete various projects each year. These included, installing solar systems, as there was no electricity in the Village, building wells, putting in standpipes, building toilet blocks at the school and the compound, re- roofing buildings, furnishing two classrooms and assisting to pay for the children in the compound to go to school. Also supplying the Headmaster with two Gestetner machines.

Everyone enjoyed this interesting and informative talk and went away with the two newsletters which showed what had been achieved backed up by many photos.

On Monday the 15th February the South Hams Circle held a Valentine’s night.

Following our meeting we were joined by our ladies, our guests, Bob and Kathy Butler, Peter Shaw, President of Duchy Circle and Andrew Vaughan a Prospective member on his first visit. After an excellent dinner we had a draw and then Bob and Kathy gave us an interesting, amusing and informative talk about their year as Grand President. This covered their visits from Duchy to Aberdeen, Australia where they met Tony Abbot a Catenian and the then Prime Minister, Malta and Rome where they met his holiness the Pope.

The ladies all went home with a Valentine’s gift from the Circle and we all had a very enjoyable evening.

Left to right: Mike Norton - Membership officer, Ben Morby - President,

Andrew Vaughan - New Brother, Bob Butler - Immediate past Grand President.

At the meeting of the South Hams Circle 368 at The Seven Stars, Kingsbridge on the 18th April 2016 we enrolled a new member Andrew Vaughan.

Andrew was born and bred in Kingsbridge and went to school there. He joined the Coldstream Guards when he was 16 and served in various parts of the world. He carried out ceremonial duties in London. Having got married to Jacqui whilst in the Guards they had a son who is now 19 and a daughter now 17.

Andrew joined the Devon and Cornwall Police in 2000 and became a detective for many years, dealing with domestic violence and child abuse, going on to become an armed response officer. He is now a community beat officer for Dartmouth and Kingswear.

Andrew attends Kingsbridge Church with his family and we welcome him into the Association. He has already volunteered to take on jobs within the Circle for which he is thanked.

Left to right: Robin Graham Brown, Ben Morby President, Peter Hvisc, Mike Vere, John Modley, Jim Murphy, Plymouth President, Fred Hiscock

The South Hams Circle moved to their new meeting place at Thurlestone Golf Club, near Kingsbridge on Monday the 16th May 2016. We were delighted to be joined by 6 Brothers from Plymouth Circle making 20 Brothers in attendance.

We enjoyed a first class meal and after dinner Brother Trevor Davies ran a general knowledge quiz. The winners were Peter Hvisc, Mike Vere and John Modley and the runners up were Fred Hiscock, Robin Graham Brown and Jim Murphy, who were all presented with small gifts from President Ben Morby.

Everyone present was exceptionally pleased with the new venue which offered country and sea views observed from a very comfortable lounge.

On Sunday the 3rd July 2016, the South Hams Catenians and their wives attended Mass for the intentions of the Association at Kingsbridge. The Mass was led by Circle Chaplain Monsignor Adrian Toffolo and a Circle Member - Deacon - the Reverend Tony Irwin.

Following Mass we retired to the Cottage Hotel at Hope Cove where we enjoyed a wonderful Sunday lunch together. The sun came out over the sea and we had our coffee looking at some of the best views in the South West. This was to be a great day for us all.

This year Bob Butler decided that it would be a better idea if the rounds of Provincial Quizzes in province 13 were hosted by a neutral Circle thereby encouraging visiting. It works!

On Thursday the 14th July South Hams Circle played West Somerset Circle at Torbay.

Torbay prepared the questions and provided the Quiz master, timer and scorer. The Quiz was on a diverse number of subjects and in the end West Somerset won by 130 points to 50. As you can see by the photo South Hams were very gracious in defeat. Seriously a great night was had by all. There were 5 visitors from each Circle which proved that this sort of initiative can only be for the good.

1st row - Paul Tighe, Jonathan Marshall, Allan Paver - 2nd Row - Trevor Davies, Ben Morby

3rd Row  Jim Coyne, Peter Holman and Peter Frost

Front row left to right  Eileen Rowley, David Rowley - (Grand President), Ben Morby - (President South Hams) Sandra Morby, Kathy Butler, Margaret Frost Peter Frost - (Provincial President Torbay) Rear - Peter Holman Director elect Torbay  Mary Holman  and Past Grand President -  Bob Butler.

On Monday the 18th July the South Hams Circle hosted Grand president, David Rowley and his wife Eileen at their meeting place at Thurlestone Golf Club on the South Devon coast. It was a beautiful, sunny evening and we were able to sit outdoors for some time before the meeting. The ladies stayed outdoors whilst we had a short meeting. 53 of us sat down to enjoy a very tasty meal followed by the normal speeches and presentations to David and Eileen and also to Peter Ripley for his birthday and Peter and Jenni Ripley as it was also their wedding anniversary.

We had 16 visitors, 15 visiting Brothers and their wives from all over Province 13 and our Circle Chaplain Monsignor Adrian Toffolo.

After dinner we were given a power point presentation by Monsignor Adrian Toffolo and Mary Jane Butler who run a charity called W.O.R.K, Widows and orphans in rural Kenya. This is our President, Ben Morby’s charity for this year and on the night we raised £401. This was an eye opener for all of us and a very worthwhile cause. Before anyone escaped, following the talk, Vice President BrotherTrevor Davies hurriedly put on his beard and cap and entertained the gathering with some clean Jethro jokes to send everyone home with a smile on their faces. A good night was had by all.

We took photos of Grand President overlooking the sea and he decided that he had had enough and attempted a dive off the cliff rescued by the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!

On Monday the 19th September we were pleased to enrol a joint member from the Plymouth Circle taking us to 22 members.

Martin Sullivan of Plymouth Circle has been a visitor to South Hams Circle for some time and feels comfortable and at home with our members. He decided to join us as a joint member.

Martin is a retired operations supervisor ABP ports at Millbay and Teignmouth. He will be a great asset to our Circle. He is married to Rosemary and they live in St Budeaux.

On Monday the 21st November South Hams Circle hosted a round of the Province 13 Quiz, Plymouth v Torbay at Thurlestone Golf Club, South Devon. Plymouth won 110 to 85. There were two teams of three and the Question-master, he who shall be obeyed, was Brother Trevor Davies, Vice President of South Hams Circle. He put on the gown, mortar board and armed himself with a cane to keep them all in order.

Great fun was had by all.

The South Hams Catenians held a Valentines evening for their Ladies and guests at the Thurlestone Golf Club on Monday the 20th February 2017.

Following their meeting and a very enjoyable meal with chocolate red roses on the table for the ladies, Trevor informed everyone of how Valentine’s day came about. We were then entertained by “Razor Sharp” a local barber shop quartet.

Trevor sent everyone home on a happy note having told them all a few jokes and an excellent evening was had by all.

On Monday the 24th April 2017, the South Hams Circle met at Thurlestone Golf Club. After Dinner the newly installed President Trevor Davies, presented Brother Ben Morby with his Presidents miniature and Brother Jim Coyne with his Chamberlains miniature.

Following these presentations we were given an after dinner talk by Sue Frost, Trevor’s daughter and Peter Jordan, Fund raising Manager for the Brain Tumour Research Charity.

Four years ago I took my wife, Sue and her husband and two children out to see her Brother who lives in St Martins in the Caribbean. The first night we were there Sue had a massive fit and was rushed to hospital where, following a scan, she was diagnosed with having a brain tumour which had set up epilepsy. It was a non -malignant tumour but of the type which will turn cancerous in due course. She was flown home with a Doctor and cannot drive, which is difficult with two children. The tumour has now grown to the size of a golf ball and is pressing on the central part of the brain and she has to have it removed following a number of scans etc in the early autumn. This will be done whilst she is awake as they will try to minimise the damage to her left side by doing so. Sue is a Nurse tutor and 6 months ago she met Peter a former Paramedic and went to visit the Brain Tumour Research Laboratory in Plymouth. They require 1 million pounds per year, or £2744 per day to run the laboratory. For each person who raises £2744 they have a tile with their name on it put up on the HOPE wall in the laboratory. I visited this with Sue and it is amazing.

Sue then set about raising money and in three months following two big events she organised, she raised enough money for 2 tiles and is continuing her good works. I will have this charity as my Presidents charity for the year ahead. We raised £302 at our Circle following her talk.

Sue, not being able to drive, was on her way home from work at the Hospital when a van came around the bend in front of her, crossed the road and hit a car in front of the taxi head on. The young man driving the van had died at the wheel from a heart problem he did not know that he had. Sue got him out of the van and gave him CPR. She got a pulse and the Paramedics took over and got him to hospital. He has survived and invited Sue to his wedding. I wrote to the Chief Constable and Sue was awarded a Chief Superintendents commendation. She has recently had her story printed in the local newspaper and has been made one of the 50 most inspirational women in Plymouth. She is a very brave lady and I am extremely proud of her.

Left to right:  Trevor Davies - Jim Coyne - Ben Morby. Presentation of miniatures.

David Snelling a member of the South Hams Catenians, went on holiday to Cyprus in May. Whilst he was there, he and his wife Gill, visited a new venture set up by some “ex pats” who are trying to set up a new Catenian Group in Paphos. They are assisted by some existing Catenians who live in various parts of England who visit Cyprus regularly.

The men held a traditional Catenian meeting and were then joined for dinner by their wives, Fathers Carlos and Father Fernando who are very supportive of their efforts. Any Catenian visiting Cyprus would be made most welcome and the more the merrier.

If anyone is interested in South Hams Circle or the new evolving Cyprus Group please contact me at

On Monday 19th June 2017, the temperature at Thurlestone Golf Club was 26 degrees at 7.15pm. President Trevor Davies decided that ties and jackets would be removed and that we would have our meeting outdoors with the sea behind us and the countryside to our left. He also allowed drink to remain owing to the heat.

We had a prayerful and sincere Catenian meeting and got through the normal business matters. We retired to the dining area of the Golf Club for steak and Guiness pie followed by lemon tart and raspberry sorbet.

We had two games of heads and tails with two winners taking away prizes. Two Brothers, Jim Coyne and Mark Mordue then gave us after dinner talks about their lives, which were most interesting and to allow us to get to know each other better. President Trevor sent them all away with a smile on their face having told a joke.

A memorable evening had by all.

On Monday the 17th July the South Hams Circle had a Ladies evening at Thurlestone Golf Club overlooking the sea and countryside as always. After a splendid dinner Brother Ben Morby, last years president, presented Monsignor Adrian Toffolo with a cheque for £757. The charity which Monsignor and Mary Jane Butler run is ‘Widows and Orphans in Rural Kenya’ or W.O.R.K.  It does what it says on the tin and is a very active Charity doing splendid work in setting up education and health care. Monsignor Toffolo is the Priest at Kingsbridge and is the Circle’s Chaplain.

Following the presentation there was a raffle, the proceeds of which will go to Brain Tumour Research. Trevor Davies, our new President, has a daughter Sue, who has a brain tumour and she is active in raising money for this cause. After coffee we sat down to listen to Brother Kevin Duggan from Plymouth Circle, who gave us a very interesting and informative talk about Saint Teresa of Calcutta and his Sister who is a Nun, Sister Michael, who is a Doctor in that order who works in Calcutta and other places in the world with people living with leprosy, aids and other serious illnesses.

She nursed Saint Teresa to the end of her life. Kevin has personally met Saint Teresa on a few occasions and has been spiritually affected by these experiences. The evening was concluded by Trevor telling some jokes to send everyone home with a smile.

On Sunday the 16th July, South Hams Circle took part in the Provincial Boules competition and became runners up. The team consisted of Fred Hiscock, Vice President and Peter Hvisc, Registrar.     They were ably coached by David Snelling but were eventually overcome by the prowess of Duchy Circle.

The Boules followed Mass at St Austin’s Priory, Cadleigh, Ivybridge and a BBQ.

A good day had by all.

Left to right:  Fred Hiscock, Peter Hvisc ( South Hams Circle ) Kathy Butler who presented the trophy on behalf of Jaqui Russell, Peter Kwee

and Peter Shaw ( Duchy Circle).

On Sunday the 23rd July, the South Hams Circle held their President’s Sunday. They joined for Mass at Kingsbridge followed by an excellent meal at the Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove, near Kingsbridge, where they use the old fashioned dessert trolley. Fabulous.

All the ladies received a gift of chocolate and coffee was taken on the terrace overlooking the cove and the sea on a beautifully sunny day. They were joined by the Circle Chaplain Monsignor Adrian Toffolo, family and friends.

Another great day in the South Hams.

Back row left to right.  Steve Driver (WC) Mike Rabbitte (WC) Simon Elliot (WC)

 Trevor Davies President (SH), Martin Sullivan (SH), Peter James (SH).

Front row left to right Peter Ripley (Duchy) Peter Shaw (Duchy) Tom Regan (Duchy)

` On Tuesday the 8th August three Brothers from the South Hams Circle made the long trek to Truro Golf Club, meeting place of the Duchy Circle to play West Cornwall Group from Penzance in a round of the Province 13 Quiz. After a shaky start South Hams won 65 to 55.

The questions were extremely varied and certainly taxed the mind. A good evening was held by all but the journey home was an eventful one through flood, thunder and lightning and a road block which caused us to use an alternative route. Bed by midnight.

On Monday the 16th October the South Hams Catenians celebrated their 4th Birthday at the Thurlestone Golf Club. There were 49 in attendance and following our meeting we sat down to a first class meal. This was then followed by a short speech by President Trevor Davies. The members and guests sang happy birthday to Trevor, whose birthday was the next day.

A draw was then held with the proceeds of £115 going to the President’s charity, Brain Tumour Research. This is important to Trevor as his daughter Sue will be having her Brain Tumour removed surgically on the 14th November in Plymouth.

Following coffee we were entertained by Jazz singer, Becky Brine who was first class. The evening was rounded off by some jokes from Trevor to send everyone home with a smile.

A good evening was had by all.

The South Hams Catenian Circle held their 31st meeting on Monday the 18th December 2017 at Thurlestone Golf Club. This was followed by a very enjoyable dinner with our ladies and guests.

 After dinner we had a draw for the Brain Tumour Research charity. Brother President Trevor has a daughter Sue who has just had the first of two operations to remove her brain tumour.

We then had a Quiz and as you can see by the photo a great deal of head scratching and concentration went into getting the correct answers. This was followed by Carols and a few jokes, as always, from Trevor.

A great Catenian night had by all.

On Monday the 19th February 2018, the South Hams Catenians met at the Thurlestone Golf Club for a Valentine’s evening with their ladies and guests from Plymouth and Duchy Circles. Following their meeting the ladies joined the men for an excellent meal.

A short speech by Brother President, Trevor Davies, was followed by a draw in aid of Brain Tumour Research. Trevor’s daughter is awaiting her second brain tumour operation. In total this year £659.75 has been raised for this charity by South Hams.

After the draw we were entertained by John Connor and Trish Moore with songs appropriate to the occasion and which we were able to sing along to, bringing back memories. John has a wicked Liverpuddlian sense of humour.

Trevor rounded off the evening with some jokes to send everyone off home with a smile on their face.